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Above Ground Swimming Pools

Welcome to our Above Ground Swimming Pool Store! You will find a wide range of above ground pools in all different styles and types of swimming pool ranges. All our above ground swimming pools are from many leading swimming pool brands and designers.

The above ground swimming pools found on our sites are not only of the highest quality from top brand names but are also at the lowest prices you will find in the UK.

Above Ground Swimming Pools

With Summer just around the corner and the sunny weather about to come back to us in the UK, I'm sure a lot of you will be thing about what activities to do in that lovely hot weather we have been waiting for sense before Christmas!

Well we have a selection of Above Ground Pools that would be the perfect gift to your whole family for some summer fun!

Introduction to Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools are swimming pools which you can simply take home and set up on the ground without having to make any adjustments to the surrounding area such as having to dig a hole to install the pool in. Above ground swimming pools can be split into 8 different categories which all have their own features and are made in very different ways to offer a large variety of above ground pools.

Types of Above Ground Swimming Pools

Paddling Pools

These are the original pool for young children as they offer a fast and easy option to setup a small pool within minutes to please the kids. Along with being so simple to setup paddling pools are also the perfect size and safe for youngsters making it a lot easier for you to keep an eye on your children whilst they play in the pool and you site back with a nice cold drink in the sun.

Above Ground Inflatable Pools

A range of above ground pool which can be inflated and deflated as and when needed, meaning you don't have to keep the swimming pool out all the time. These inflatable above ground pools are ideal for those with little space to spear all year round as they can be put up for the weekend and then packed away once your finished.

Above Ground Metal Frame Pools

A more permanent type of above ground pool as they can take a little longer to setup then some other types of swimming pool, but are easy to take down if the space is required. These are ideal and enjoyable for most people due to being able to move or take down with relative easy, and they coming in a variate of sizes to suit all needs!

Above Ground Rectangular Pools

As the name says these are rectangular above ground pools which are an ideal pool for most people as the larger sizes can be used for both playing around in (general pool use) and also swimming lengths due to the shape.

Above Ground Splasher Pools

These above ground pools are the more common type of pool for people that want to leave their swimming pool up all year round. The structure is one of the strongest on the market and they are perfect for pool parties for the young and old!

Above Ground Steel Pools

Another range of pools which are perfect for everyone! Due to the design and being extremely strong these above ground pools are the ideal choice for those with regular pool parties in mind as they are built with strength in mind and to be left up all year round once build.

Above Ground Wooden Pools

Similar to the steel above ground swimming pools, above ground wooden pools are an ideal pool for those that are after a pool all year round as these are great for general use and to have a pool party.

The above ground wooden pools also look stunning and can by built around to make some amazing features in any garden!

Above Ground Zodiac Original Pools

Zodiac are one of the most know and bough above ground swimming pools in the world due to their reputation of quality and the fun each and every Zodiac above ground pool has given to its users world wide!



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Most of our Swimming Pools come in a variety of sizes and offer a selection of add-ons, so please be sure to check the options for each swimming pools before you order as you may want a different size and/or some extras that we offer!

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