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Metal Frame Pools  >   Intex Metal Frame Pool 12ft x 30"
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Intex Metal Frame Pool 12ft x 30"

Intex Metal Frame Pool 12ft x 30"

Ref: 56996

The 12ft x 30" Intex Metal Frame Above Ground Pool comes with Free Delivery!

This beautiful above ground Intex swimming pool offers a classic look and at a great value for your money, you can't go wrong!

Price: £115.95
Intex Metal Frame Pool 12ft x 30"

Due to this above ground swimming pools offering a beautiful look and easy to assemble design along with Intex's typical high quality and incredibly strong metal frames and SUPER Tought liners, you are all sure to enjoy years of fun from this pool! Nobody designs and makes above ground swimming pools quite like Intex Pools!

This lovely Intex above ground pools are made of an reinforced PVC for a longer life and offer execptinal support with a rust resistant, galvanised steel frame, all of which offer an easy to set up solutions. The Intex pools can support over 12,400 gallons (47,00 liters) of water in a size of 24ft x 52" deep, due to the added protection of the finish of the galvanised steel frames.

These above ground swimming pools are suitable for all gardens as they come supplieds in several sizes: 10' and 12' with a depth of 30", 15' x 36" depth, 42" and 48", 18' x 48" and 24' x 52" depth.

The sidewals are made of three separate layers of material for extra strength and durability. With an inner layer of polyester mesh to give extra reinforcement and the two outer layers made of a heavy gauge PVC which are both laminated, you are given SUPER TOUGH walls due to triple the strength.

A separate laminated band provides additional wall support. In addition a reinforced polypropylene rope wraps around the bottom of the pool liner to keep the legs firmly in position. This metal frame pool also has a convenient drain plug for easy draining. The drain connects easily to a garden hose so the water can be drained away from the pool area.

The 10ft x 30" and 12ft x 30" Metal Frame POOLS come with FREE: 

  • Filter Pump
  • Installation guide DVD
  • Repair Patch

The 15ft x 36", 15ft x 42", and 15ft x 48" Metal Frame Pool PACKAGES come with FREE:

  • Filter Pump
  • Installation guide DVD
  • Ladder
  • Ground Cloth
  • Winter Debris Cover
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Surface Skimmer
  • Repair Patch

The 18ft x 48" and 24ft x 52" Metal Frame Pool PACKAGES are supplied with the same items as the 15ft but with a Volleyball Set and without the surface skimmer.

An Optional Upgrade on the 18ft & 24ft pools is the new Krystal Clear Deluxe Saltwater System. This allows pool owners to eliminate the costly and hazardous use of traditional chlorine. There's nothing like swimming in completely fresh, clean, crystal clear water! The pool's water is automatically converted into an effective algaecide by simply adding the recommended dosage of salt directly into the pool.

The Krystal Clear Deluxe Saltwater System includes a 2000 gallon/hour (7570 litres) filter pump set. The system includes a touch-sensitive control panel that allows pre-programmed operating hours, and also incorporates a keypad locking system to prevent accidental alterations. A flow-sensor system also alerts any adverse operating conditions and there is a self-cleaning titanium-coated electrolytic cell for continued performance.

A variety of heating options are available from the simple to use 3KW Intex heater to the high quality Elecro stainless steel heaters. A cost-effective solar panel kit is also available.

Don't forget the chemical treatment kits and replacement cartridge filters, to extend the life of your pool water!

PLEASE NOTE: All filter pump units must be placed 2 metres away from the pool. We recommend that filtration is turned OFF when the pool is in operation. We recommend a smooth concrete slab as a suitable base- contact a reputable local builder for advice on local soil conditions. Failure to set up the pool on a flat, level compact ground could result in the pool's collapse or the possibility that a person lounging in the pool could be swept out. Do not lean, straddle or exert pressure on the inflatable top ring or top rim as injury or flooding could occur. Do not sit on, climb or sraddle the sides of the pool.

WARRANTY: This product is covered by a manufacturer's warranty. The liner is covered for 3 months and the electrical components for 1 year. There is no warranty on inflatable parts or accessories. In the event of a product failure a claim can only be made through the relevant warranty line. Please note that the manufacturer will only replace the faulty component.

DELIVERY CHARGE: The cost of delivery is included to mainland UK.

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